Blog Carnival – Finding Personal Peace for September 22, 2013

Blog Carnival – Finding Personal Peace for September 22, 2013Welcome to the September 22, 2013 edition of Finding Personal Peace containing 46 articles on a range of interesting topics.

Thanks for visiting our Blog Carnival, Finding Personal Peace. Please review the subjects below and make note of any that interest you. At the bottom of the page, you will find a link that takes you to more information about each post. If you find a post you like, please make a comment to encourage them or even engage in a discussion with them.


  • Mitchell Morris presents How to Keep Your Kids From Falling Into the Gender Trap
  • Shelby Martin presents 10 Things You Let Your Second Child Do That You’d Never Let Your First Do
  • David Thompsonn presents Common Ways Kids Get Injured on the School Playground
  • Olivia Lewiss presents How to Help Your Daughter Cope with Society’s Pressure to Be Thin
  • Tim Hall presents 15 Blogs with Advice for Soothing Back-to-School Anxiety
  • Jeff Moore presents 10 iPhone Apps for Tracking Your Child’s Whereabouts
  • Hailey Jones presents Health Risks Associated with Childhood Obesity
  • Arianna Lee presents 10 Support Groups for Parents of Kids with Learning Disabilities
  • Laura Anderson presents 4 Ways to Start the School Year off Right
  • Jim Wilson presents 15 Blogs with Fun Kids’ Crafts for Under $10
  • Michelle Brown presents 10 Styles That Are Out for This School Year
  • Jessica Clark presents How to Choose the Right Sport for Your Child
  • John Williams presents How to Get Your Child to Take His Medication
  • Regina Naberhaus presents How to Handle a Camera Shy Child
  • Brittany Harris presents Ways to Encourage Your Child to Draw Family Pictures
  • Jessica Clark presents How to Teach Your Kids the Basics of Chess
  • Janet Golovine presents 10 Tips for Handling a Child’s First Trip to the Dentist
  • Regina Naberhaus presents Tips for Capturing Milestones on Video

emotional issues

  • Diane Mottl, MSW presents Embracing ourselves with love…


  • Denise Young presents 21 of the Best Blogs Helping You Organize Your Closet
  • Laura Anderson presents Why Parents Shouldn’t Settle for a Nanny
  • Steve Jackson presents 25 of the Best Blogs for Decorating Pumpkins for Fall
  • Shelby Martin presents What Should You Do if Your Nanny is Caught Lying
  • Kevin Giffin presents 10 Reasons Why Parents and Kids Should Exercise Together
  • Arianna Lee presents Should You Nanny for a Single Parent?


  • Brittany Harris presents Managing Marital Stress Related to Childcare Breakdowns


  • Cherry Liu presents 15 Blogs with Instructions for a DIY Desk
  • Alaina Moore presents Au Pair » Risks of Buying Expired Pet Food
  • emilynolin presents More Meditation, Less Insanity
  • Jana presents How To Find Balance Between Listening to Yourself and Not Being Led By Your Emotions
  • Caleb Hill presents 10 Reasons to Consider Shopping the Consignment Shops
  • Sarah Bernstein presents Meditation Schmeditation
  • Laura Anderson presents Expert Insights on Competitive Activities with the author of Playing to Win Dr. Hilary Levey Friedman
  • Jocelyn Scott presents How to Reject a Nanny Applicant Gracefully
  • Jim Wilson presents 30 Blogs with Creative Ideas for Throwing a Candy Land Themed Party | Babysitters
  • Tim Hall presents 15 Blogs Sharing Tips for Packing a College Care Package
  • Jim Jones presents For Increased Career Satisfaction, Identify Your Purpose


  • Caleb Hill presents Ways to Say Thanks to Your Nanny Besides Giving Her a Raise
  • emilynolin presents Writing People Off
  • Veronica Dasher presents I Love You, But I Love Me More — Smooching Frogs
  • Teri Jones presents 25 Blogs with the Best Tips for Helping Kids Cope with Divorce
  • Lisa Williams presents 30 Blogs with the Best Tips on Helping Siblings to Get Along
  • Carter White presents How to Get Siblings to Sleep in the Same Room

social anxiety

  • emilynolin presents Why It’s Cool To Have Haters
  • Matt Barnett presents Are you Open for Business? – Matt Barnett – Expert in Personal Change

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